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  Now, any media professional can produce professional quality captioning. Designed for postproduction and broadcast studios, UniSay Subtitler� automates the creation of captioning and subtitling.
  With UniSay�s solution, all you need to produce a closed caption master (Line 21) ready for broadcast, is a standard nonlinear editing system (NLE) and a video recording device. And because it�s recorded direct from NLE, there�s no generation loss of quality. Also, use UniSay Subtitler for creating DVD and Webcasting subtitling.
  Cost of captioning is slashed with UniSay. No expensive specialty hardware or software must be purchased. Integrated web services allow for pay-as-you-go format, you only pay for what is needed.
  Control over your delivery schedule is no longer at the mercy of a service bureau. UniSay�s online service is available 24/7 for creating time stamped files and transcript translation. UniSay Subtitler is available for fine-tuning and captioning file encoding at your convenience, and at no extra charge.
  In addition, media professionals can now deliver programs ready for broadcast with closed captioning in two languages. Once captioning is created in multiple languages, it can be conveniently saved into the same file and recorded to the same master. This capability provides for the harvesting of secondary language markets at no additional cost. Translated versions are automatically re-synced and segmented.